Our Services

We provide PHP, Perl, ASP, CGI script installation, Windows, Linux, FreeBSD server administration,setup and hardening.

Server Security Hardening

Don't leave your new linux server open to attack! Secure it now before a hacker takes control!

Server Administration

We support various distributions of Linux, FreeBSD and Microsoft Windows software.

PHP Script Installation

We an install almost all PHP scripts at affordable rates.

CGI Script Installation

We offer the best cgi installation service available on the net in terms of quality speed and affordability.

Server Remote Backup

We can provide remote backup space. Our backup space allow you to do remote backup with FTP and rsync

HELM Control Panel Installation

We offer HELM control panel installation on Windows 2000 and 2003 dedicated servers

Cpanel Server Setup

We can setup Cpanel control panel on RedHat Enterprise Linux, CentOS, Fedora Linux and FreeBSD

Ensim Server Setup

Professional Ensim Linux server installation and security service on RedHat Linux, CentOS and Fedora

Postfix Mail Server Installation

Postfix is a high performance mail server for unix, linux and freebsd systems.

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