phpBB Multiform Hosting

phpBB Multiforum allow you to start Free phpBB Forum Hosting. Phpbb is a popular open source forum software allow webmasters to create there own community forum. With phpBB Multiforum, you can provide hosted phpBB forums to visitors.

You can see phpBB multiforum working at


  • Host unlimited forums
  • Automatic Setup (just asks for database connection details)
  • Full admin control panel (showing Forum Name, Forum Admin Email, Date Made, etc)
  • Add your site to the Top 10 host list
  • Admins can Mass email all the forum admins (eg forum updates etc)
  • Admins can delete old forums that have been posted on for x number of days
  • Admins can delete old forums that have not be logged in by forum admin, since they of been register for x no of days
  • Automatic user sign-up
  • Spam setup check (checks email and cookie to stop users from making loads of forums)
  • Sends out a random password to check users email address
  • Adverts can be place at the top and bottom of every forum
  • Google AdSense compliant, where pages such as the login page can be blocked from displaying adverts
  • Able to remove the copyright from the bottom of each page
  • Board Directory (with sorting by Board Created Date, Post Count, etc)
  • Able to turn all the forums offline (for upgrades etc)
  • Able to turn a single forum offline
  • Able to take admin control of a forum for support need and then return control after
  • Sort by forum number, name, email, date created, and number of posts
  • Searching by access name, forum name and email
  • Able to change how many forums are displayed per page and quick jump to page number
  • Online settings editor
  • Category Editor
  • System Caching Service (for increased speed)
  • Email support
  • Free upgrades to future versions for one year
  • Automatic Installation Service (if needed)

Multi-Forums Pro Host for phpBB: $55.00
Installation charge: $20.00
300+ phpBB templates: $20.00

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