Software in Debian Linux

Installing Software in Debian Linux with apt-get

apt-get command is used to install, uninstall, manage software in Debian Linux.

        ps519:/# apt-get
        apt for linux i386 compiled on Mar 22 2005 07:17:03
        Usage: apt-get [options] command
        apt-get [options] install|remove pkg1 [pkg2 ...]
        apt-get [options] source pkg1 [pkg2 ...]

        apt-get is a simple command line interface for downloading and
        installing packages. The most frequently used commands are update
        and install.

        update - Retrieve new lists of packages
        upgrade - Perform an upgrade
        install - Install new packages (pkg is libc6 not libc6.deb)
        remove - Remove packages
        source - Download source archives
        build-dep - Configure build-dependencies for source packages
        dist-upgrade - Distribution upgrade, see apt-get(8)
        dselect-upgrade - Follow dselect selections
        clean - Erase downloaded archive files
        autoclean - Erase old downloaded archive files
        check - Verify that there are no broken dependencies

        -h  This help text.
        -q  Loggable output - no progress indicator
        -qq No output except for errors
        -d  Download only - do NOT install or unpack archives
        -s  No-act. Perform ordering simulation
        -y  Assume Yes to all queries and do not prompt
        -f  Attempt to continue if the integrity check fails
        -m  Attempt to continue if archives are unlocatable
        -u  Show a list of upgraded packages as well
        -b  Build the source package after fetching it
        -V  Show verbose version numbers
        -c=? Read this configuration file
        -o=? Set an arbitrary configuration option, eg -o dir::cache=/tmp
        See the apt-get(8), sources.list(5) and apt.conf(5) manual
        pages for more information and options.
                   This APT has Super Cow Powers.

To install a software with apt-get on debian linux

        ps519:/# apt-get install lynx
        Reading Package Lists... Done
        Building Dependency Tree... Done
        The following NEW packages will be installed:
        0 upgraded, 1 newly installed, 0 to remove and 0 not upgraded.
        Need to get 1855kB of archives.
        After unpacking 4690kB of additional disk space will be used.
        Get:1 stable/updates/main
        lynx 2.8.5-2sarge2 [1855kB]
        Fetched 1855kB in 2s (781kB/s)
        Selecting previously deselected package lynx.
        (Reading database ... 27817 files and directories
        currently installed.)
        Unpacking lynx (from .../lynx_2.8.5-2sarge2_i386.deb) ...
        Setting up lynx (2.8.5-2sarge2) ...

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