Advanced Image Hosting Script

Online auctions and communities have become a popular endeavor on the Internet, and users of these activities are often in need of online image storage services. Using our AIHS, you will have the ability to provide this service to your clients with a comprehensive yet user-friendly interface.

The AIHS is the ready-made advanced images host solution for anyone offering image hosting services of any kind, including general web hosting companies and auction websites. Unlike most images host script,the AIHS provide a number of unique features including support multiple server feature, bandwidth tracking, PayPal integration, site news,thumbnails. All of this goes orientation to revenue generating.

The AIHS is not only a image host script,it can also host any type of files! AIHS not only have a friendly front-end,it also build a great backend to admin site.And it is very easy to integrate into your website! With AIHS,you can immedailty start your E-bussniss and don't care about the technical details.

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